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  • Incoming calls and Outgoing Calls at .39 per minute in 115 Countries
  • iPhone 5c and Samsung S4 for Rent
  • International Data Available
  • Service Guaranteed

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Rent an international phone, stop paying roaming fees and save over 75%!

Global Cellular Rental has been providing our customers with some of the best rates in the world, for over 23 years!

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Cellular Phone Rentals

Cell Phone Rentals

The best, most inexpensive solution for most customers. Don't travel with your GSM or World Phone only to later get hit with a HUGE phone bill. Rent a cell phone! It's less expensive and more reliable.

Satellite Phone Rentals

Satellite Phone Rentals

Did you know that over 86% of the worlds landmass & oceans have inadequate phone landline phone coverage? With a Satellite Phone Rental, it doesn't matter where you are.

Some Of Our Clients

We've Been Renting Wireless Voice & Data Solutions For Over 30 Years!

Our customers rely on our expert knowledge of international communications. As a premiere provider of Satellite, Cellular Phone Rentals & Wireless Data Rentals, we have had some of the world's most prestigious organizations depend on them for their services. Organizations like The United Nations, The US Government, Disney, GM, Coca-Cola all have depended on Global Cellular Rental.